Case Management

Giving individuals the support they need to achieve success

Our human services experts are based in the community, and look after the interests of their clients with discretion and respect.

MAXIMUS Canada practices hands-on case management using global knowledge and local expertise

Employment programs

Our employment programs staff work with individuals in person and remotely, assessing their job-readiness and coaching clients through the steps to their next job. Client progress is monitored and tracked using an integrated case management system. We even follow up with clients following job placement to confirm they have found stable employment.

Family Maintenance and Child Support

Since 2002, we have provided full-service maintenance enforcement for children and families through the Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program, operated by Themis. This includes maintaining contact with families and non-custodial parents, administering voluntary and court-ordered payments, and facilitating negotiations. In each case, the privacy and security of families is paramount.