Child Support

Helping children thrive

Ensuring that children and families receive the necessary resources to improve their lives.

As a full-service child support operations provider, we assist governments to help parents meet their child support obligations.

Sensitive case management

The Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program Contact Centre has a reputation for high service standards. We manage 500,000 inbound and outbound calls each year, handling each case with sensitivity, and protecting the privacy and security of each family.

Effective and efficient financial maintenance

We process and distribute over $200 million in payments annually, and monitor monthly payments as part of our case management services. Using both manual and electronic methods, our high-volume service results in cost containment.

Privacy protection

Our commitment to strict privacy standards meets or exceeds our clients’ accountability measures and ensures systematic protection for citizen data.

Using a case management approach, we offer full-service child support enforcement operations, with a wide range of services, including:

  • Case enrolment for new and returning cases
  • Payment monitoring
  • Multi-channel contact centre inquiries
  • Negotiating with clients for voluntary payments
  • Administrative enforcement of late payments
  • Court enforcement of late payments, when necessary
  • Community outreach
  • Payment processing and distribution
  • Full service IT support including:
    • Developing and maintaining customized case management system
    • Full infrastructure service
    • IVR development and maintenance