The Citizen Journey™

Making every interaction with your citizens count

Successfully delivering improved citizen services requires a number of active — and nuanced — engagements. At Maximus Canada, we refer to these collective engagements as the Citizen Journey™. Our user-friendly, cost-effective programs help you improve the citizen experience across multiple channels.

Consider your citizens' experience with government programs

Imagine meeting the high expectations of today’s sophisticated consumers — in a manner that works for your business, too. Creating positive interactions is more than a possibility when you rethink how that engagement really works.

Design thinking

In collaboration with our subject matter experts, Maximus Canada works closely with our public sector clients to champion the design thinking approach. With the citizen at the heart of our solutions, we take an organic approach to modernizing government programs and services to create an effective, efficient, and pleasant experience for the citizen.

Citizen Experience (CX)

Our CX program can be tailored to any government client wanting to modernize services through omni-channel touchpoints. We model citizen journeys and evaluate areas for enhancement in each channel of citizen interaction. This results in a digital transformation that positively influences the users’ emotional experience. Often this research-based approach results in operational savings for our government clients — while also improving citizen sentiment.

User Experience (UX)

With a strong focus on usability and the human experience, our integrated UX design team works closely with both our clients and our developers to align business needs with user needs. User needs cannot be tacked onto the end of the development process — they must be integrated from the beginning. By applying a data-driven decision-making process captured from user research activities, we deliver a high degree of usability, accessibility, and ease of use.

User-centred approach


From high-level service design to customized digital products, Maximus Canada applies our User Centered Design (UCD) methodology in everything we do.

This process ensures that at any stage of the product and service lifecycle, the citizen is the focal point of the decision-making process. Through the successful alignment of user needs and business goals, we can ensure our solutions are intuitive and effective for the intended user.


Integrated model

Unlike some solution providers, Maximus Canada’s UX team and methodology is not a separate entity — we embrace an integrated model.

From strategic to tactical stages of product and service development, this integration ensures cost-effective and human-centric solutions for all the projects we create and support.

Engaging analytics

To unlock user insights, we analyze user data from multiple interaction points to evaluate, measure, and enhance products and services. User Analytics forms the basis of our data-driven process and helps formalize logical solutioning.

With a wealth of experience in providing public health and human services — combined with a strong understanding of the privacy and security constraints faced by our government clients — Maximus Canada brings the right tools and methodologies from private industry to meet user needs in the public sector.