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Citizens expect a "one-stop" service model that gives them to access to hundreds of government programs and services. Meeting their expectation often requires sweeping transformation at the government level. And that can require the expertise of a company that specializes in alternative service delivery. 

Maximus Canada understands the expectations of citizens so well that we have a name for it: the Citizen Journey™. We assist governments who want to move from the traditional silo-based model for delivering citizen services to a model that works to meet citizen needs. Working with our clients, we evolve service offerings to meet the changing needs of governments and citizens. We do this work with care and forethought, keeping the local legislative framework in mind, while meeting and often exceeding privacy and security laws and policies.

By leveraging our experience to ensure that solutions are effective and appropriate, our clients can avoid costly technology purchases that deliver disappointing results.

To find out how we transformed a call centre into a multi-channel contact centre for a provincial government client, get the case study.