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Peter Lawlor

Vice President, Product Management and ERP Solutions

Peter Lawlor has served as Vice President of Product Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions since April 2019. Mr. Lawlor joined the DeltaWare Division of Maximus Canada at its inception more than 25 years ago, where his previous positions include Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and President of Maximus Canada DeltaWare Division.

Mr. Lawlor’s evolving roles at DeltaWare Division provide experience in diverse areas including network design, product management, implementation, administration, consulting, and project management. Over the years, he has led many key initiatives, most notably the ongoing development and management of Medigent® with specific expertise in the drug domain – the Medigent® Drug Information System and the Pharmacy Claims Processing System – in use in many provinces and territories across Canada.

Mr. Lawlor holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Prince Edward Island.