Success Stories

At MAXIMUS Canada, we work closely with our clients so we can understand their business, and assess their needs and challenges. Utilizing innovative business processes and systems expertise, we deliver solutions that boost efficiency AND deliver better customer service. Here are just some of our success stories.

Outsourcing Health and Drug Benefits

MAXIMUS Canada faced the challenge of executing a seamless transition of the administration of health and drug benefit programs from the B.C. Ministry of Health to Health Insurance BC (HIBC). In addition, MAXIMUS was tasked with providing service improvements to enhance performance and accountability, and modernize and replace registration, billing and claims systems for Medical Services Plan (MSP) and PharmaCare. Improving Service Delivery for the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Health Services

Drug Information Systems Management

MAXIMUS Canada had a vision of a complete province-wide interoperable electronic solution that would maximize their investment and provide safe and accurate healthcare for residents. Our Medigent® suite of products is a trusted government solution that has been implemented across Canada to improve health care delivery. Improving Patient Safety for the Province of Prince Edward Island

Pharmacy Information System Management

MAXIMUS Canada was selected to work with British Columbia’s Ministry of Health to modernize its systems and improve the administration of its PharmaCare program. Managing British Columbia’s Pharmacy Claims Information System

Medical Enrolment and Claims

MAXIMUS Canada was awarded a substantial contract to administer British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan with enrolment, adjudication and claims services. Designed to support future e-prescribing programs, our successful solutions provide:

  • advanced safety and privacy protection for patients;
  • real-time access to information for health care providers and pharmacies, and;
  • flexible payment options and programs.