Child Support

As a full service child support operations provider, we assist governments to help parents meet their child support obligations.

Our comprehensive child support enforcement services include:

Program Administration

  • Collections in family maintenance environments
  • Customer service and case management
  • Enforcement policy and legislation development
  • Financial maintenance
  • Family law and issues/trends
  • Court process and enforcement litigation
  • High-volume payment distribution

Organizational Development

  • Human resource management
  • Labour relations
  • Developmental planning

Infrastructure Administration

  • Financial and records/information management
  • Facilities management
  • Risk management
  • Occupational health and safety

Information Technology

  • Application design, development, management
  • System and network, and database administration
  • Client/server maintenance
  • Telephone integration, Interactive Voice Management
  • Client information, transaction website design and management
  • Management information, including data warehousing
  • Architecture analysis

Privacy Protection

Our commitment to strict privacy standards meets or exceeds our clients’ accountability measures and ensures systematic protection for citizen data.