Employment Programs

Our Employment Programs provide responsive, innovative and integrated services to unemployed and underemployed job seekers to support their engagement in the community and labour market.

By partnering with other local service providers, we make it easy for job seekers to find the resources they need to become independent of both provincial and federal services and financial supports.

With all of the combined services and supports, job seekers can:

  • Easily access convenient and relevant supports and services in their community;
  • Become more independent by achieving and maintaining labour market or community attachment; and
  • Receive the appropriate and relevant services that are aligned with the current requirements and opportunities of the labour market.

Our programs and services are customized to meet the changing needs and increased challenges of a diverse public population we serve in each community.

Because of our strong business and industry relationships, we are able to align our workforce solutions and labour market services to meet the current needs and opportunities of the communities and employers we engage with.

Our Employment Service Centre Operations provide:

  • Community-based services for job seekers which are designed to quickly identify needs and provide self-serve resources with individualized support and training within the community;
  • Readily accessible services and supports within communities through our storefront, satellite and website locations;
  • Experienced and skilled staff and partners to assess the needs of a diverse population to quickly determine the level and complexity of employment and community supports and services required;
  • A wide range of services to meet unique needs, skills, education, employment experience, barriers and circumstances;
  • Referrals to other key support services within the community;
  • Access to information resources within our centre, the community and labour market;
  • The opportunity to utilize our resource centres both in-person or via online access to support ongoing job search activities;
  • Access to a wide variety of workshops (both in-person and online) that support job search activities and labour market and community engagement; and
  • The support and guidance of skilled and experienced staff assessment, referral and funding applications for employment training.