Our range of services and competencies transform and modernize how government health programs are delivered to both the public and health providers through efficient enrolment and claims payments, speed of access to accurate information and privacy protection.

We provide the following health solutions:

Program Administration

Our integrated approach provides full life-cycle government program management, information technology and corporate support services with a focus on improved service delivery and efficiency.

Claims Management and Systems

Our innovations transform aging medical and pharmaceutical claims payment systems to provide the flexibility to engage in new payment options and programs in government-administered health care.

Drug Management and Systems

Our comprehensive solutions provide improved health care management including safety and information protection for patients, fraud protection for pharmacists, and real time access to patient prescription information for physicians and pharmacies.

Business Process Engineering

Our experience in business operations processes enables us to drive continuous improvement projects for a wide range of government program opportunities.

Requirements-based Testing

Our approach provides a testing methodology that is fully integrated and automated, using a full suite of supporting tools that promote quality and consistency from end to end.

Health Literacy

Our expertise includes an ability to provide Multilingual Contact Centres and skilled communications experts to craft ‘plain language’ forms, letters and websites.


Our commitment to strict privacy standards meets or exceeds our clients’ accountability measures and ensures systematic protection for citizen data.