Drug Information System

The Medigent® Drug Information System (DIS) was developed in accordance with Canada Health Infoway's Generation 3 DIS guidelines and is the first of its kind in Canada, as it is compliant with the new pan-Canadian messaging standards based on HL7 v3.

  • Allows all data concerning a patient’s medication history to be assessed by integrating seamlessly with pharmacies, emergency rooms, hospital wards, private clinics and rehabilitation centres;
  • Performs a complete Drug Utilization Review, providing feedback on potential drug interactions and the appropriateness of the medication therapy;
  • Improves patient safety by monitoring in real-time prescribe and dispense events within an entire jurisdiction; and
  • Communicates via CeRx messaging.

The DIS also includes the Medigent Provider Portal, a web-based application that allows health care providers, such as physicians, pharmacists, and emergency room personnel to view the most up-to-date medication information for their patients and to assist them in making informed decisions regarding a patient’s care.

The Medigent Provider Portal also supports customized reporting, e-Prescribing, and the ability to manage patients’ pharmacy-related medical records.