Eligibility and Enrolment

MAXIMUS Canada enables public programs to more efficiently manage eligibility and enrolment processes in a platform that is eminently scalable and reliable.

Our eligibility and enrolment services are backed by integrated operations management, innovative technology and superior customer service teams. Together, these advantages allow public programs to simplify and modernize processes, without sacrificing on deliverables.

The experienced MAXIMUS Canada team and tested infrastructure offer the highest level of services for programs of all sizes. Worldwide, MAXIMUS has supported more than 13 million eligibility determinations and enrolments from the local to federal level, and answered more than 82 million phone calls.

Our system delivers:

  • Compliant and efficient eligibility workflows, with minimized reimbursements;
  • A selection of application methods: online, by phone and by mail;
  • Clear, plain language instructions, giving program beneficiaries the power to make educated decisions;
  • Multi-channel contact centres with experienced, skilled and multilingual agents;
  • Paper-free, automated and environmentally friendly processes;
  • Integration with public and third-party databases for eligibility verification; and
  • Time-saving tools, including imaging, electronic workflows and beneficiary self-service.