Program Administration

With our integrated solutions approach, we are able to provide our clients with cost containment and capital investment potential.

MAXIMUS Canada offers full life-cycle government program management, information technology and corporate support services in a wide range of programs, from employment services to health operations.


Child Support Operations

We provide a customer-centric service aimed at ensuring compliance with court orders for child support and administrative fairness.

Using a case management approach, we offer full service child support enforcement operations, with a wide range of services including:

  • Case enrolment for new and returning cases
  • Payment monitoring
  • Multi-channel contact centre inquiries – both inbound and outbound
  • Negotiating with clients for voluntary payments
  • Administrative enforcement of late payments
  • Court enforcement of late payments, when necessary
  • Community outreach
  • Payment processing and distribution – manual and electronic
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Full service IT support including:
    • Developing and maintaining customized case management system
      • Project management
      • System design and development
      • Integration and implementation
      • End-to-end testing
      • Maintenance and enhancement
      • Production support
    • Full infrastructure service
    • Website development and maintenance
    • IVR development and maintenance

Employment Program Operations

We provide responsive, innovative and integrated services to unemployed and underemployed job seekers to support their engagement in the community and the labour market.

Our focus is to ensure that the individual needs of job seekers are assessed and met in their job search. Working with community-based service providers, we manage full service employment centres. These centres include a wide range of services that are tailored to each individual’s needs, such as:

  • Self-serve resource areas
  • Client specific managed services
  • Training
  • Self employment resources
  • Specialized assessments and referrals

We also ensure that job seekers have access to a full range of support services to maximize their chances of finding and keeping a job.


Health Program Operations

We provide full business and technology program administration for government health programs including medical and pharmaceutical programs, enrolment, claims, application maintenance, multi-channel contact centre solutions and document management.

Our support of these operations include the following services:

  • Program management and customer support
  • Multi-channel contact centres
  • Document management
  • Account management
  • Claims management and payment
  • Information technology:
    • Project management
    • System design and development
    • Integration and implementation
    • End-to-end testing
    • Maintenance and enhancement
    • Production support
  • Corporate support services:
    • Strategic consulting
    • Project management
    • Business process improvement
    • Privacy and security compliance
    • Performance and productivity management
    • Quality assurance
    • Training
    • Communications