Medigent® Drug Information System

Ensuring patient safety

The Medigent® Drug Information System (DIS) helps practitioners make informed decisions about patient care. It's the first of its kind in Canada, and compliant with messaging standards based on HL7v3.

With the DIS, health care providers can:

  • use e-prescribing to submit prescriptions straight from a patient's electronic medical records (EMR) to pharmacies in real time, eliminating fraudulent activity
  • view the most up-to-date medication profile for their patients
  • integrate seamlessly with information from pharmacies, emergency rooms, hospital wards, clinics and rehabilitation centres
  • improve patient safety by monitoring all prescriptions written and dispensed within the jurisdiction
  • access real-time drug utilization review (DUR) - eliminating harmful drug interactions
  • communicate using CeRX messaging
  • create customized reports

For doctors

Physicians can propose prescriptions to test for drug interactions and patient contraindications; electronically post prescriptions for pick-up; access a searchable drug knowledge base; record patient observations, allergies and intolerances; or check for adverse drug reactions.

For pharmacists

Pharmacists can access the retrieval and submission of patient information in real time. In addition, they can identify potential issues related to medication dispensing, professional service delivery, and patient counselling.

For patients

Patients experience the comfort of a complete drug clinical profile that they can access at doctors' offices, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals.