Medigent® Provider Portal

Streamline service delivery by engaging health care providers


The Medigent® Provider Portal provides the capability for jurisdictions to support digital services, enables self-service, and allows the secure management of information for registered practitioners and health care administrators. 

The Provider Portal’s user interface is designed for any industry-standard web browser, so providers and authorized support staff will be able to access self-serve functions using their computer or mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Provider portal features: 

  • Registered providers can access and update their own personal and professional information 
  • Registered providers and support staff can submit prior authorization requests in order to have a patient receive a drug and have it covered under a provincial benefit program
  • Registered providers can view the status of prior authorization requests under review by the jurisdiction
  • Registered providers can access current and historical statements, payment reports, letters, and/or data files associated with their profile 
  • Users can access current and historical publicly accessible documents such as communications bulletins made available by the jurisdiction
  • Registered providers can verify beneficiary eligibility