Transform and modernize public-sector health benefit administration

Managing health care for millions of citizens is a complex task. Simplify your business processes and expand your capacity using a system specifically designed for public health benefit programs.

Health care program administrators need solutions that expand their capacity to process claims, enhance decision-making capabilities and improve communications between all stakeholders in the health care system. At the same time, they need to reduce operational costs. That’s why health leaders across Canada and in international markets choose the flexibility, scalability and value of Medigent®. It transforms health care benefits systems to realize better outcomes and value for the money.

9 out of 13

provinces and territories in Canada use one or more Medigent modules

A proven, modular solution for health care administration

Medigent plays a vital role in transforming health care benefits systems to realize better outcomes and return on investment. Benefit from the efficiencies of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system that can be configured to manage unique programs. Learn more about Medigent.

Harness the potential of robust data

High-quality data allows users to

  • better analyze current program performance
  • identify trends proactively
  • predict future health system requirements
  • adjust programs accordingly

Medigent provides both rich data and a complete audit trail of all claims processing by offering a comprehensive data model and the ability to configure additional information. Our high-quality data standards allow for effective auditing and provide the foundation for reporting and analytics. Medigent clients can improve reporting and predictive analytics to enhance their businesses.

Why choose Medigent?

Using Medigent integrated modules ensures that the right work gets to the right people, at the right time. This process reduces manual effort and allows health care administrators to focus on higher-value tasks. For over two decades, Medigent has helped manage Canada’s publicly-funded health insurance programs by:

  • Expanding benefits administration capacity
  • Enhancing decision-making capabilities
  • Improving communications flow
  • Optimizing business process to reduce program administration costs
  • Providing self-serve functions to improve service and contain costs
  • Increasing efficiencies and providing opportunities for cost savings
  • Improving privacy and security

Continuous improvement

Part of staying relevant in today’s health care environment is ensuring Medigent remains on the cutting edge. Regular updates are essential to accommodate the legislation and industry changes identified by our customers in 9 of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada. Medigent is also solution of choice for the self-governing territory of Nunatsiavut and the nation of The Bahamas