Privacy & Security

Safeguarding the personal information of citizens

Our rigorous approach to privacy and security protects sensitive data at all points of service — meeting or exceeding all accountability measures.

When dealing with sensitive personal information such as health records, keeping data private and secure is essential. Our approach is multi-faceted, featuring:


Personal Information is stored and accessed within Canada only. Employees with an approved and demonstrated need to know are the only ones provided access to personal information. Anyone willfully contravening Maximus Canada’s privacy policies may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of their employment.


Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), security evaluations and threat risk assessments are standard components of the Maximus Canada project methodology. All staff are trained in privacy compliance, and must recertify every year.


Maximus Canada protects client and company data with a dedicated Vice President of Privacy and Security, and full-time privacy and IT security professionals. We maintain a full suite of privacy protection work instructions, including a detailed privacy breach protocol.


Our computer network features hardware encrypted technology and managed Internet access on all company workstations. A full-time Privacy Auditor consistently monitors employee interactions within our systems.

Privacy protection is one of the largest outsourcing risks for governments. Maximus Canada has developed an integrated business and technology solution that sets an unprecedented standard for data security.