Beneficiary Enrolment

The Medigent® Beneficiary Enrolment module easily maintains client information with real-time claims management, adjudication, and payment processing for a variety of programs, such as Pharmacy, Medicare, Dental, Medical Travel, and Reciprocal Billing.

This module can be used as a client registry, or synchronized with an existing master data source of client information. Highly configurable functionality provides:

  • Client registration
  • Eligibility determination
  • Health benefit plan/program assignment
  • A full set of point-of-service beneficiary management administrative functions, including:
    • Client information and eligibility management
    • Health card services
    • Client communication

The Beneficiary Enrolment module is an integrated part of the robust Medigent platform and makes full use of extensible data structures, document management, a powerful rules engine, tasking and workflow automation.

The Medigent platform and this module’s modern design position it well to meet ever-changing needs and the future requirements of business process management.