Health Literacy

At MAXIMUS Canada, we have a team dedicated to assist consumers understand and act on information – whether to improve their health literacy or assist in developing positive behaviours. Because of our comprehensive approach to communications, we help consumers avoid poor outcomes and inappropriate and expensive use of services. This results in our clients avoiding higher costs.

For example, a 2007 Canadian Council on Learning study concluded that 60% of adults lack the capacity to find, understand and act upon health information to make informed decisions about their own health care. We have a proven ability to impact any public information program with positive customer behavior outcomes and have developed communication strategies that meet the health information needs of the public.

Our solution is a comprehensive approach to clear communication which includes:

  • Multilingual Contact Centres – Customer Service Representatives are available in four languages;
  • Skilled communications experts – We have full-time communications employees to manage and update letters, forms and website content, while also being responsible for developing communications strategies to explain new policies and procedures;
  • Easy-to-read letters and forms – We ensure letters are written in plain language with clear direction and concise information. Forms are revised for consistent look and easily understood and consistent field categories; and
  • Accessible websites – We work closely with our client to ensure their website incorporates best practices for accessibility. We ensure that the increasing numbers of forms online are screen-reader friendly and easy to navigate for those with visual impairments or other disabilities.